About Amy

Hello! My name is Amy Hollenkamp. I am a dietitian, holistic health coach and blogger at the SIBO Diaries. I have a passion for helping SIBO sufferers find long term relief from their gut symptoms. As a former SIBO sufferer myself, I know how debilitating SIBO can be to your overall health and well being. 

I also made many mistakes in my own SIBO journey that I want to prevent you from making. These mistakes include: staying on a restrictive diet for too long, over treating my SIBO with anti-microbials and not focusing on my root causes. It wasn’t until broadened my diet and focused on my root causes that I started to make progress and eventually beat my SIBO. 

As a practitioner, I use a root cause approach with my one-on-one clients to help them achieve long term relief from their SIBO. I designed the SIBO Root Cause Repair Program because I saw a need for a root based online program. Most SIBO protocols or programs focus heavily on clearing the SIBO with antimicrobials and diet changes and they fail to address the root causal breakdowns that are leading to the overgrowth. These clearing focused protocols provide short term relief, but often result in relapse. 

While diet change and antimicrobials are an important part of SIBO treatment, a successful SIBO strategy has to be root focused to achieve long term relief. I am thrilled that I get to help and support more people through their SIBO journeys. 

Other fun facts about me: 

  • I am engaged to my best friend, Armand. Any wedding tips are highly encouraged, because I have absolutely no idea how to plan a wedding, but pumped to be married. 
  • I played college basketball for a short stint, before I had to quit do to a shoulder injury my freshman year
  • My hobbies include rollerblading, sand volleyball, hiking, skiing, reading, blogging and watching my nieces, Luna and Dahlia
  • I have my masters degree in Marketing and worked as a marketing analyst before the SIBO monster hit. I fell in love with functional medicine while struggling to heal from my own gut issues and decided to change careers. Went back to school for another three years to become a dietitian. Best decision ever. 
  • I’m obsessed with Game of Thrones. This final season has been crazy! 


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